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International Exchange Students


At Gawler High School, we are very pleased to welcome exchange students from other parts of the world to our school. One of our  groups of  exchange students are pictured to the left.


Each year there are up to 12 students from Europe, Asia, Russia and North and South America. Our students come from both private exchange organisations and through the International Education Service of the Education Department.




Cultural Exchange Programs

Hakuo High School Study Tour

Hanazono High School Visit

Ihara High School Visit


Meet some of our past visitors!

Alexis - USA

Kid - Portugal

'I am from Brazil. I'm in Australia to learn English and to meet a different culture and people.'

Alyssa - USA

Beau - USA

'I came from a small country town in south-east Missouri. I came to tour Australia and experience High School here. I have never lived near a big city, so this is all different to me.'

Tommy - USA

'I came from Santa Barbara, California. I came to Australia to have new experiences and live in a new country.'

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Isabelle - Canada

Isabelle came to Australia to experience different cultures and hot summers!


Caterina - Italy

Caterina came to Australia to learn English and visit a different country


Theresa - Germany

and Kaori - Japan

Theresa came to Australia because many people told her it is a great country with so many different things to experience and explore. 

Stefano - Italy

Stefano came to Australia to help decide what to do with his life, which career to choose.


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