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Stevan and Dani-Lee

Valedictorian speech 2012 Year 12 Graduation Ceremony
16th November 2012
Danni-Lee and Stevan

Distinguished and invited guests, staff, parents and most importantly the graduates of 2012. We would like to thank you all for giving us the honour to represent you as the valedictorians for 2012. My name is Danni-Lee and this is Stevan and today we are here to farewell all those graduating students who have become a significant part of our school. These 5 years of High School have been a long and interesting journey. We have had hours of homework and sleepless nights but it has all been worth it to get to the point we are at today. Starting Year 8 was very daunting for most, I remember being scared and not sure of what was coming. While going through this big change we were faced with the truth that we were going from the top of the food chain in Year 7 back to the bottom for Year 8. During this transition stage we lost contact with many Primary School friends and created new friendships with the people we met from Gawler High. As the years went on the work got a lot harder and the friendships got stronger.

There was a big leap in our schooling when we went from being scared of the LAN test in Year 9 to tackling our first exams in Year 11 and now completing our last exams for Year 12. In our time at Gawler High we have seen a lot of our classmates excel in many different areas. We have had many academic achievers, sporting achievers in rugby, football, cricket, netball, equestrian and some self-proclaimed rock-climbing champions, all of which we congratulate for their success and wish them the best with their futures. We have seen a lot of change in our school, like the complete redevelopment of the Arts buildings and the beginning of the construction for the new college. All of these developments have enabled us to move forward with our learning and have access to better resources (even with the loud construction work near the English area!). We are in fact the last group of Year 12 students that will graduate from Gawler High School as next year what was Gawler High will be the Gawler and District College. In recent years we have made a few international friends in the form of exchange students coming to our school. We met Yanick the German boy who was never seen without a piece of food in his hand and kept a diary of all the things he saw and did here in Australia, Solen a French gymnast, Yuna the Japanese girl who loved taking photos and Ruben a short boy from Spain who learnt what a stumpy lizard was and tried cooking one. All of these people have enabled us to get a better understanding of lifestyles and cultures around the world. Through the time of making these new friends we have also seen a few go to follow other paths such as full time employment and apprenticeships. But they have all helped build us up to be the graduates we are today.

We will be forever grateful for the countless memories that the class of 2012 has provided us; from someone saying Adam looked 30 when he was actually 15, to Johnís chicken nugget sandwich, to Beauís toes being run over by a carÖ there have been countless memories which we will take away from our High School experience - ones that we will never forget. We have a few thanks to get through so please be patient. ;) Firstly we would like to thank all of the teachers and staff at Gawler High School. Without their guidance, emotional support and knowledge none of us would be where we are today. We have seen a lot of teachers come and go each leaving a significant mark on our time spent here. Teachers have gone from being scary people constantly telling us to put our phones away, to being conduits of learning and people we can relate too. Putting up with us was not an easy task and we are sure that sometimes we made you want to pull your hair out but thank you for pushing us and getting us where we are today. Many teachers will come out of our schooling life not just as our mentors but as our friends and people we look up to.

One teacher in particular who has guided us and been there through it all is our Year 12 Coordinator Ms Quintal. Her persistence and drive to see us succeed has helped all the graduates here today in completing all the tasks set before them. She has done a lot of organization in relation to fundraising and the formal. Without her warming smile and pushing us all to achieve the best we can we would not be here today. Next we would like to thank the Student Advisory Group for all their hard work that they have put into fundraising and organizing the Formal and Graduation. They have done a lot of behind-the-scenes work and we are grateful for having such a dedicated group of students. We would like to take time to mention those students from the special class who are the first to graduate from Gawler High School. It has been our pleasure to share this momentous occasion with you and wish you all luck with your future. As we look out at all of you today we see such potential for your futures. We hope you take yourselves to all the places you wish and fulfil all your hopes and dreams. May life treat you well and you take as much away from the High School experience as we have. In closing we would like say a quote from the world-renowned author Dr. Seuss who said: You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose. So, thank you all for being here today and good luck to all of the graduates of 2012 in whatever your futures may bring.

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