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In order for students to be supported to achieve success, it is crucial that they attend school.


Students are expected to:
1) supply a signed note or parental contact to their Homecare teacher upon return to school from an absence

Parents / Guardians / Caregivers are expected to:

1) contact the school if their child is absent for 2 consecutive days or more

2) supply a signed note, preferably in the student diary when their child is absent, clearly stating the date and reason for the absence on the child’s return to school

June 15 2009 update - new SMS service:


Parents/Caregivers are advised that the school are trialing a Mobile Phone SMS Service, starting on Monday 15th June.

Parents will be informed by SMS about any unexplained absences for their child. The school expects parents/caregivers to contact the school in advance if they know their child is to be absent.


The message will read as follows:

Gawler HS records show Fred James is absent MON 15/6/09

Pls reply SMS or ph 8521 2406 student name/reason/abs date


The message will arrive on the phone displaying the number; Parents should store this number in their mobile phone under Gawler High School so that when a message arrives, the parent is aware it has been sent by the school. Parents can then reply by SMS, giving the student full name, year level, date of absence and reason for absence. Alternatively, you can phone the school on 8521 2406 or send a note in the child's diary.


We need your mobile phone number!

As part of the process of trialing this exciting new system, the school is seeking your assistance. We already have an extensive list of parents mobile numbers, however, we would like to ensure our records are up to date. Please contact the school by phone or email to advise us of the correct mobile phone number for us to use.


The school might also use the system for reminders about significant events such as parent teacher nights, sports day etc, or broken down or delayed school buses.


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