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Uniform Policy For Students At GAWLER HIGH SCHOOL

(Approved by School Council)

School Uniforms are a part of policy of almost all schools in South Australia. Gawler High has developed a policy which has meant that all students are required to comply with a dress code that serves the needs of the school community. A supply of loan uniform items ( not necessarily new style tops ) is made available to Year Level Managers wherever possible.

A range of standard uniform tops and jackets is available through the school. A representative of the uniform manufacturer visits the school frequently for fitting and orders. Contact the school for further information and an order form.

Link to Uniform Shop information

What is the uniform?

boys and Girls

White or navy short-sleeved polo shirt with Gawler High insignia on left chest

Grey/navy striped short sleeved polo shirt with Gawler High insignia on left chest

Grey/navy long sleeved Rugby shirt with Gawler High insignia on left chest

Gawler High school track top no logo or insignia

Navy blue waterproof jacket – no logo or insignia

Navy blue round neck windcheater with Gawler High School insignia on left chest.

Students are encouraged to wear plain coloured navy, grey, cream, black or white long pants, shorts or skirts with the school uniform top.

Flat closed in shoes should be worn for safety and comfort in winter. Flat heel supporting sandals may be worn in warmer months.


The new Physical Education top is a compulsory item for all students taking part in a Physical Education course at Gawler High School.


Students are expected to wear uniform at all times.

The key reasons for having uniform clothing items are:



The need to improve the ready identification of Students by Staff (for Student safety, differentiating Students from outsiders that may   enter the school grounds)


The need to further project a positive image of the school in the community and for excursions


The widely acknowledged view that uniform clothing items are the most economical form of school attire

It’s what’s worn on the outside that’s important

The main aim of the policy is to ensure that all Students wear (on the outside) a top that makes them readily identifiable as a Gawler High School student.  In cooler weather this means that if a student enters the school grounds wearing a non uniform jacket, he/she must remove that jacket. If a uniform jacket or sweater cannot be afforded, other clothing may be worn underneath a standard item.


If a uniform jacket is worn, the undergarment top must be a uniform item so that if the jacket is taken off, the student will still have a uniform top. The same applies to the sweaters.

Styles and availability


A range of modern style and colour rugby tops/sweaters, soccer tops, polo shirts, tracksuit style jackets and waterproof coats are available having been selected after exhaustive student consultation and feedback. They are only available through the school which acts as agent for supplier’s.


Orders can be taken at the school on nominated times and days, with delivery generally within a week or two of order.


Most of the uniform items are specially knitted and it is unlikely that materials will be available for sewers to make them at home.  The large volume of uniform items purchased by the school community ensures that the items represent exceptional value for money.


Old style uniform items will be progressively phased out.  Check with your student’s year level manager if you are unsure about what is acceptable.



It is recommended that Parents/Caregivers purchase two shirts (one to wear, one for the wash) and a warm top/jacket for the colder days at the start of the year. Other articles may be purchased later or as they can be afforded.


An order form is available which specifies all styles, sizes and prices.


The suppliers representative visits frequently normally weekly.

Time Payment


The supplier will make a time payment and/ or lay-by facility available.


Identification on articles



All uniform tops available to students have a screen printed or embroidered school identification on them. The jacket has no identification markings, allowing it to be used for other purposes.


It is advisable for Parents/Caregivers to clearly tag all uniform tops with their Students name.


Families in genuine financial difficulty can contact the Co-ordinator: Learning Support/Student Voice for assistance.

Unacceptable Clothing



Unacceptable dress includes


Clothing with large advertising slogans, insignias or derogatory comments


Immodest clothing


Clothing in a poor state of repair


Thongs and ugg boots


Facial jewellery other than small earrings and ear studs is not permitted. Earrings must not be more than 2cm in diameter. Facial jewellery, including earrings and ear studs, cannot be worn whilst playing any sporting activities and students may be asked to remove them for other school activities



The State Government is fully supportive of uniforms being installed in high schools, but provides exemptions on the following grounds:


Genuine religious, cultural or ethnic needs


Genuine financial, medical or family sickness reasons. In all situations Parents/ Caregivers can only gain exemption through approval from the Principal after written request.

Year 12/13 Students

Year 12 and 13 students are not exempted from the policy but may arrange for a special production rugby top provided the design and colours are approved by School Council and all extra costs are borne by those students

Management Process:



Feeder primary schools in the region are provided with the uniform requirements and how to order as early as possible in Term 4 of each year.


Year Level Managers and the Assistant Principal will manage breaches of the policy.  Non complying students will be referred to the Year Level Manager.


Subject Teachers need only check to see that a student is holding a “Uniform Card” which will have been issued by his/her Home Care teacher and date-marked.  If no card can be produced, then the subject teacher will refer the Student to the Year Level Manager.

Failure to comply ( or inability to show proof of order or lay-by has been arranged ) from week 3 of the school year will result in:

Student referral to Year Level Manager

Discussion with student

Provision of a dated “Uniform Card” that can be shown to other teaching staff if they enquire about the non-compliance


The Year Level Manager will have the option of the provision to student of a loan uniform ( if available ) items (not necessarily new style tops) which must be washed and returned.

If non compliance continues without acceptable reasons:


Discussion / correspondence with Parents / Caregivers by the administrators in charge.


Option of exclusion from non-education activities, and / or restriction to specific areas of the school during recess and lunch.

School Uniform Shop


 The school uniform shop will make available used uniform items when it has stock.


When uniform items are no longer required and are in good condition, the uniform shop may be prepared to purchase those items or offer to sell them on behalf of  Students or Parents / Caregivers as it sees fit.  The shop is unlikely to carry new items due to the speed of delivery agreed with the supplier/s.  Uniform styles will  be reviewed regularly



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