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Student Behaviour Support

This is closely linked with the aims and expectations of the school. We believe that each child has the right to learn and each teacher to teach in a safe, caring, orderly and supportive learning environment where students reach their full potential and where success in celebrated.

Discipline is based on a positive reinforcement and the encouragement of acceptable behaviour, adequate counselling and clear consequences for inappropriate behaviour.

Common Expectations:

Students will:

  • At all times, behave in a manner, which supports teaching and learning.
  • Choose behaviours that show respect for the rights of themselves and others.
  • Treat property and the environment with respect and care.
  • Accept responsibility for their own actions and the appropriate consequence.

Procedures for Implementation:

Step 1

Teachers use and are supported with strategies, which reinforce good behaviour such as maintaining a positive learning environment

Step 2

Class expectations are negotiated where consequences of irresponsible behaviour are discussed and applied consistently.

Step 3

Referral to Behaviour Support Room, which is staffed each day. Behaviour support forms are completed by teachers and copies sent to parents and Community Managers, Student Services Team, Deputy Principle, Assistant Principal, Principal.



  • Come to lessons prepared
  • Meet work requirements within negotiated timeframes
  • Meet task requirements to the best of ones ability
  • Seek assistance as required


  • Be punctual
  • Attend regularly
  • Explain absences Positive verbal/written feedback to students 

Health / Safety & Environment:

  • Keep our environment drug & alcohol free
  • Enhance learning by eating & exercising regularly & getting adequate sleep
  • Be dressed in school uniform
  • Follow safe clothing & footwear standards in subject specialist learning areas
  • Keep our environment free from aggression, violence & harassment
  • Keep our environment free of graffiti, vandalism & theft
  • Use recourses wisely (eg equipment, water)


  • Communication with staff, students and visitors in a positive and respectful manner Participation in a special school activities


  • Support each other to build positive relationships
  • Respect the rights and responsibilities of individuals


  • Use established school procedures to move between classrooms, to the library, between school and home, at lunch breaks or for special appointments using diary, lunch passes, movement slips, bus passes.

Range Of Responses To Responsible Behaviours:

Student success:

Working in alternative learning environments

Negotiated extension activities

Recognition through awards, assemblies, newsletter, press

Identification and opportunities for accelerated learning, modified programs, learning support.

Positive Verbal / Written feedback to students:

Positive feedback to parents

Positive reinforcement:

Healthy lifestyle and productive learning

Recognition through awards, assemblies, newsletters, press

Participation in special school activities:

School community awards

Positive Reinforcement:

Positive relationship with others

Recognition through awards, assemblies, newsletters, press

Range Of Responses To Irresponsible Behaviour:

Make Up time:

Time out - within school or at home 

School - home contact

Suspension / Alternative

Placement / Exclusion

Make Up Time / Work Missed:

School - home communication

DETE Attendance counsellor notified

School - Home contact:

Community service

Yard Duty

Police Contact

Withdrawal from lesson

Time Out

Suspension/ Exclusion/ Expulsion

Verbal / Written apology:

School / home contact

Time out

Suspension / Exclusion

Repeat movement appropriately:

Movement Restrictions

Time Out

School / Home contact


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