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Gawler High School

Foundation Membership


A.    Upon acceptance of the subscription by the Foundation and upon payment of the first annual subscription, the applicant shall be a member of the Foundation.

B.     Membership of Foundation shall be divided into the following classes:
Level 1         Members
Level 2         Silver Members
Level 3         Gold Members
Level 4         Platinum Members

C.     A person or body corporate may apply to become a member of the Foundation by completing the Official Membership Form. Any firm or unincorporated association, organisation, institution or group of persons may be admitted to membership of the Foundation under the name adopted by the firm, association, organisation, institution or group.

D.    Unless the provisions of this constitution shall expressly so provide, the Board shall be entitled by regulation from time to time to determine the period of membership and impose other terms and conditions of membership of or upon any body corporate or firm or unincorporated association, institution, person or group of persons.


A.    Level 1         Members                        ($50)
Level 2         Silver Members              ($250)

Level 3         Gold Members               ($750)
Level 4         Platinum Members          ($2,000)

B.     After the first year an Administration Fee of $50 is payable.

C.     The Administration Fee shall be payable annually in conjunction with Gawler high School financial year or at such other time as the Foundation shall determine.

D.    Any member whose Administration Fee is outstanding for more than three months after the due date for payment shall cease to be a member of the Foundation, provided always that the Board may reinstate such person's membership on such terms as it thinks fit.

E.     The regulations may provide that a person or a body corporate, may quality and be admitted as a member upon pledging in written to make a tax deductible donation, gift, benefaction or legacy to:

a.       the foundation, or

b.      any fund administered by the Foundation, or

c.       the School Building Fund, or

d.      any other fund or funds approved by the Board and acceptable to the Governing Council. (e.g. Library, Property, Travel, Scholarships, Research).


A member may by notice in writing delivered to the Secretary of the Board resign from membership of the Foundation and shall thereupon cease to be a member.

Expulsion of a member

See the relevant Sections of the Act

Register of Members

A register of members must be kept and contain:

A.    the name and address of each member;

B.     the date on which each member was admitted to the Foundation;

C.     level of membership; and

D.    if applicable, the date of, and reason(s) for, termination of membership.





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