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WHAT DO I DO IF........?


I am a student and:


I need help or information?

I become ill or injured?

I want to catch a school bus?

I am late or absent?

I need to leave the classroom?

I lose something?

I want to know how much homework I should have?

I feel I am being harassed?


I am a parent / caregiver and:


I want to enrol my child at the school?

I want to be a volunteer at the school?

I want to contact my child at school?

I want to speak to a staff member at school?



I need help or information?


All teachers are able to help students with enquiries. However, the first person for you to talk to is your Home Care Teacher / Mentor or your Community Manager. 


The Student Counsellors and Chaplain have special skills in helping students and the Student Services Office  provides a wide range of services and information.


Parents / Caregivers who require any information or wish to make an appointment with a teacher should telephone the school on (08) 8522 2044. 


I become ill or injured?


1. Students are to report to Student Services Office with a note from the teacher

2. Students should report alone, unless obviously distressed

3. If a student needs to rest in the sick room, a diary note will be made of the time the student returns to class and should be shown to the subject teacher.


In the case of serious injuries in the school grounds, a runner is to report to the Student Services Office and the Senior First Aid Officer will go to the accident site. The Principal or the Deputy or Assistant principals will be notified as soon as possible.


The First Aid Officer will assess the seriousness of the injury and make judgements based on training.


Students who are ill or who have had an accident at school, will be assessed by the First Aid Officer as follows:

  • Students critically injured will be transported to a hospital by an ambulance

  • Students who are ill will be observed until such time as they can return to class or a parent / caregiver arrives at school to take them home

  • Students who choose to rest in the sick room will be monitored for the length of one lesson. They will then either return to class or parents / caregivers will be notified to collect them from school.

  • Please note: Panadol / Aspirin will not be dispensed by the school under any circumstances.

I want to catch a school bus?


A student who lives more than 5 kilometres from the nearest Government Secondary School or bus route is entitled to travel on a Government School bus . Application to travel on a bus should be completed when enrolling at Gawler High School. Bus routes are also provided at the time of enrolment. There is a bus officer at the school who manages the buses and will answer any queries.


When travelling on a school bus, students are expected to:

  • Travel only on the bus for which they are entitled.

  • Any alteration to travel arrangements must be made through the bus officer with a note or a phone call from the student's parent, or by personal contact from the parent.

  • Use courtesy and respect for the bus driver and the other passengers.

  • Wait until the bus is stationary before getting on or off.

  • Never walk in front of or behind the bus until it has moved away from the stop, and when there there is a clear view in both directions, cross the road.

  • Any inappropriate behaviour on a school bus may lead to a student being barred from using a school bus.

I am late or absent?


Any absences or late arrivals at school must be explained in a note from the parent / caregiver. If a student arrives at school after Home Care, he / she must sign in on the computer provided in Student Services; a receipt will then be printed which must be signed by the student services officer and then presented to the  teacher on arrival at your lesson.


It is also necessary that parents / caregivers telephone or notify the school in writing immediately of any absence through sickness or any other cause.


Under no circumstances should a student leave the school during school hours without parental permission and signing out at the Student Services Office.


Truancy is reported to DETE attendance counsellors.


I need to leave the classroom?


Students should not be out of class unnecessarily. If you have to leave your class for any reason, you must carry your diary with the movement pass filled in by your teacher or timetable if a Stage Two student.


I lose something?


If you find something, please hand it in immediately at the Student Services Office, as this is what you would like others to do for you. You should take care of your possessions and ensure that all belongings, including your uniform are clearly labelled. Valuables should not be brought to school.


Students are discouraged from bringing valuable items to school as loss or damage may occur and the school cannot accept any responsibility if this happens. Lockers are available for hire and at the end of the year, upon return of the locker key, your deposit will be refunded. We recommend that calculators be clearly engraved with the owners name.


If you do lose something of vale, then you should report it to the Student Services Office, put a notice in the student daily bulletin and tell your Home Care teacher.


I want to enrol my child at the school?


Telephone the school on (08) 8521 2400 and tell the receptionist you are enquiring about an enrolment. The receptionist will fill in an enrolment enquiry form and ask you for the following details:

  • Your name, address and contact details

  • Student name, date of birth, address and contact details

  • Reason for enrolment

This information will be passed on to a student counsellor who will contact you promptly to discuss the enrolment.


* Please note: An enrolment enquiry is an enquiry only and not an automatic enrolment.



I want to be a parent volunteer?


The contribution which parents and other members of the community have made at Gawler High School is highly valued and we aim to enhance those contributions. Participation by volunteers is welcomed in a wide range of areas including:

We believe that volunteers are an integral part of our school community. Accordingly, we will ensure that:

  • Volunteers are encouraged to participate in negotiated activities at Gawler High School. 

  • Provisions are made for the induction of volunteers, including a support package.

I want to contact my child at school?


Please contact your child at school only if absolutely necessary as it can be difficult for staff to locate them due to student movement during lesson. You can do this by phoning the school on (08) 8512 2400 and leaving a short message and contact number. Please note that students are not allowed to have mobile phones switched on during lessons.


I want to speak to a staff member at school?


Please telephone the school on (08) 8512 2400 and leave your name, contact number and a short message so that the person you wish to speak to can call you back as soon as they are available.


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