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Welcome to Giles Farm!

The idea of schools and preschools coming to Gawler High School to see some of the facilities started as an idea, but it has become a reality due to the commitment of Farm Manager Mark Webb and with help and encouragement from students and staff at Gawler High School. Giles Farm visits have been running for just over a year, and have had overwhelming support from the visiting schools, through media articles in the local Bunyip newspaper and DECS Xpress.  


Over 500 visitors have visited the Agricultural and Horticultural facilities at Gawler High School with over 100 students and staff being directly involved in the running of Giles Farm visits. Students from kindergarten through to year 3 have had the opportunity to have contact with animals such as day old chicks, chickens, sheep, lambs, ducks, and ducklings and 2 different breeds of cattle. Students from Gawler High School act as their guides, providing demonstrations and answering questions about the animals at Gawler High School. Visitors are also encouraged to take part in “hands on” experiences. 
Agricultural and Horticultural students are not the only students involved, students from Photography, Drama, Hospitality, Music and Early Childhood Studies have also participated. Photography students have documented all of the visits with great detail and the visiting schools have asked for copies of the photos taken. Hospitality students have made cakes and muffins and served tea and coffee to the visiting parents and teachers. Music students provided demonstrations using some of the instruments that they have learnt to use and Early Childhood students have had the opportunity to work with the children in relation to their studies. 

I have visited Giles Farm

Drama students have dressed as clowns and have provided excellent entertainment at the end of a farm visit at the Gawler House. Students have also made souvenir books and stickers for each of the children to take home. Schools that have visited Giles Farm include Roseworthy PS, Evanston Preschool, Evanston PS, St Brigits PS, Hewett PS, and Gawler East PS. Japanese Exchange students have also attended.
Comments from students: 
I like showing the animals so others can learn about them, it builds my self-confidence when I can help others learn.

Comments from visitors:
Evanston Pre- School: 
This was a positive learning experience for the children and one I hope will continue in the future.

Hewett Primary Special Ed class: 
What a morning out, we recommend the visit to anyone!


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