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About the Governing Council

With the initiative by the State Government to introduce greater local management, the School council to more accurately reflect its new role in making decisions that best suited Gawler High School.  Governance essentially means planning, monitoring and evaluating.  Planning identifies the objectives of the school and devises policies to meet those objectives.  For example, the behaviour Management Policy reflects the standard of behaviour expected and the resulting consequences. Monitoring ensures that what was planned is being implemented and is often performed by the Principal reporting to the Council or by Councillors participating in sub-committees, such as the Finance Committee.  Evaluating, measures that what was implemented is actually producing the expected results; to improve the learning outcomes for students.

Management is not the function of the Council; management of the school is the primary role of the Principal, leadership team and specialist staff. There are professional finance and administration officers to provide expertise in managing the annual budget. However, although there is no need to run the accounts, monitoring the budget, reviewing audit reports and ensuring funding is allocated to the school's priorities is an important governance responsibility for the council.

The role of a governing councillor is one that requires ethical conduct, diligence, responsibility and lots of common sense. Parent representation is a crucial element of a governing council. They provide a different and often clearer focus on matters under discussion. A parent needs no special skill, other than once-per-month being prepared to listen to a discussion, provide an unbiased opinion, and participate in improving the educational out come of students at Gawler High. 

Some of the committees you may like to be involved in are:

  • Finance

  • Promotions and Marketing

  • Grounds, Facilities and School Watch

  • Information and Communication Technologies

  • School Uniform

The Annual General Meeting takes place early in Term One following the year 8 Meet the Teacher BBQ


Governing Council Code Of Ethics

A Governing Councillor:-

  • Must act honestly, in a good faith and in the best interests of the school as a whole.

  • Has a duty to use due care and diligence in fulfilling the functions of office and exercising the powers attached to that office.

  • Must have power of that office for a purpose, in the best interests of the school.

  • Must recognise that the primary responsibility is the school and its community.

  • Must not make improper use of information acquired as a governing councillor.

  • Must not allow personal interests, or the interest of any associated person, to conflict with the interests of the school.

  • Has an obligation to be independent in judgement and actions and to take all reasonable steps to be satisfied as to the soundness of all decisions taken by the governing council.

  • Must abide by confidentiality principles and not disclose information without permission from the relevant source.

If you are interested in becoming a Councillor for Gawler High, please contact the school on 08 8521 2400 or email


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