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 A Newsletter is sent home with students three times a term. It contains important information about school events and student achievements.

The youngest child in each family receives a newsletter. Extra copies of each newsletter are available from the reception desk and at our student services office. Click here to send us an email if you are a member of the school community and you would like the latest newsletter sent to you by mail or email.

Daily Bulletin


The daily bulletin and other notices are read to students during home care each morning.

They contains information which may affect the student's daily program.


Student Diary


All students are given a diary at the beginning of each year. It is to be used to record homework, due dates for assignments and other important dates. Parents and teachers should use the diary to communicate between home and school. The diary also contains other information such as bell times, lesson times and study hints relevant to school. Students should take the diary to every class. Teachers will use the diary to record student movement outside the classroom.


Student Reports


Detailed reports are issued at the end of term two and term four for students in Years 8 to 11. A summary report is issued twice a year at the end of terms one and three. Students in Year 12 receive a detailed report in Terms 1, 2 and 3. Reporting procedures are regularly reviewed.

Parent/Teacher Interviews


Parents are encouraged to discuss their child's progress with teachers by attending parent/teacher interviews. Interviews are held early in term two. Parents are welcome to contact their child's teachers at any time throughout the year to discuss their child's progress.

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