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Graduation Day 2007

                           November 23rd 2007

Graduation Ceremony Graduation Dinner


The 23rd November 2007 was a very special day in the history of Gawler High School, as the Centenary Class of 2007 celebrated the end of their school days with a formal ceremony at the STARplex. This year's guest speaker, chosen by the Year 12 students, was former member for Wakefield Mr. David Fawcett. He spoke of the things in our lives which are important, such as friendships, relationships, health and decisions about is important to hold on to in life. Local community members recognised students' special achievements by providing a range of awards. The Valedictory Speakers and medal recipients were Candice McLean and Jarred Caddies, who presented retiring principal Sandra Lowery with a gift from the graduates.

The ceremony was followed by a lovely formal dinner at Ayers House, North Adelaide. We wish our Graduates every success in their future and hope they have fond memories of Gawler High.


Order of Ceremony




Mr Rod Possingham


Guest Speaker


Mr David Fawcett


Presentation of Graduation Certificates



Ms Sandra Lowery

Ms Danielle Dorshorst


Principal's Address


Ms Sandra Lowery



Presentation of  Academic Awards

Mr Greg Harvey

Ms Danielle Dorshorst


Mr David Fawcett

McDougall English Prize

Dr Jenny Rocca


Presentation of Special Awards 


Ms Di Richardson


GHS Foundation Award - 2006 Dux


Mr Tony Piccolo

GHS Centenary Award


Ms Sandra Lowery


 Jill Brindley Award  


Ms Jill Brindley


Governing Council Citizenship & Leadership Award


Mrs Jenice Zerna


ADF Long Tan Award


Mr David Fawcett


Caltex All Rounder


Mr Brian Thom


Valedictorian Speeches


Candice McLean

Jarred Caddies


Valedictory Medal Presentation


Ms Sandra Lowery


Closing Remarks 


Mr Rod Possingham



  Special Award Winners


McDougall English Awards
English Studies - Shavone Phillips
English Communications - Rhiannon Lynch



GHS Centenary Award - Timothy Clark



GHS Foundation Award - Rebecca Trigg



Jill Brindley Award - Jai Filbin



Governing Council Citizenship and Leadership Award - Bradly Hawkless



ADF Long Tan Award - Emma Coombes



Caltex All Rounder - David Price



 Merit Certificate

MERIT CERTIFICATES are awarded to students who achieve a high level of success in a Stage 2 subject. The 2007 award recipients are:




Shavone Phillips

Construction Technology

Peter Miller


Food and Hospitality

Adel Lockett



Keith Thomas


Music Studies

Mathew Pritchard


Modern History

Laura Marin


Specialist Mathematics


David Price

Studies of Societies

Laura Marin



 Outstanding Achievement

OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS are presented to a student who shows excellence throughout the year in Community Studies Subjects. The 2007 recipients are:


Communication and the Community


Shannon Salter

Health, Recreation and the Community


Kyra Carr

Technology and the Community

Timothy Clark


Work and the Community

Matthew Graham



Academic Achievement

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS are presented to a student who shows excellence throughout the year in Stage 2 subjects. The 2007 recipients are:



Shavone Phillips


Early Childhood Studies


Kayla Murray

IPP - Personal Documents

Emma Coombes


IPP - Desktop Publishing

Rhiannon Lynch


Furniture Construction

Kate Ellis

Matthew Graham


Mathematical Studies

David Price



Jennifer Coppin



Kimberly Waye


Physical Education


Mathew Pritchard




Rachelle Raymond


David Sutton


Small Business Enterprise


Kimberly Waye


Congratulations to all graduates and award winners.



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