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The Learning Support Team offers support both in the regular classroom and with alternative programs.

Programs which have been offered include:

Sports umpiring
Cert II in Horticulture with Bedford Industries
Classic Holden Restoration program
Cartooning/ Arts in the Community for year
Cashflow Game
Learn to Work program
Life Skills
Second Story Self Esteem courses


Students undertaking these programs have not only increased skills in specific areas but some have had the opportunity to gain accreditation for Community Studies SACE units, Occupational Health and Safety Certificates, Basic First Aid Certificates and Junior Umpiring Certificates.  These programs have lead to some students gaining employment and allowed others to gain part time weekend employment.

The increase in Community Studies offered in SACE at Gawler High School has seen an increase in the participation and success of students with specific learning needs and students at risk in the senior school.


The Needs of the Individual Learner will continue to include:

The ability to access knowledge
The ability to be a continuous learner
Flexibility, literacy, numeracy and computer technology skills
The ability to handle rapid change, especially change in the patterns of work and leisure
The ability to solve problems and make decisions both individually and collaboratively networking with others
Cultural and artistic sensitivity
The use of initiative
Compassion and tolerance
Care for one's community, other cultures. other species and the planet
Communicating effectively
Being innovative and enterprising
Coping with stress
Enjoying leisure activities


What this means for..............Gawler High School

Clearly we need to keep working through the implications of the above for the way we learn.


We can see a shift towards the student as.. We can see a shift towards the teacher as..



Lifelong learners who use communications technology as an essential tool


Critical thinkers and creators of knowledge


Problem solvers

Information Broker

Peer tutors and key communicators


Controllers of what they learn


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